The caretaker

My name is Paula. I’m 30, Brazilian, currently working as a Development Assistant for a music education non-profit (Harmony Project).

My husband went through a brain surgery and I became the caretaker. Become is the perfect verb here, because until then I didn’t know nothing about caring for someone through a tumor removal process.

Like Mauricio wrote it, the blog’s main goal “is to help other people who are about to have brain surgery or have just had it.” And I’ll take the caretaker audience.

It’s f*cking challenging, but you can do it!

Yep, yep no surprises here, holding your significant other’s hand while they open his head chasing a tumor is not going to be easy. Unexpected, however, will be to learn how strong and resourceful you can be. Even when you believe you’re done, that you can’t handle it anymore, you’ll be able to keep going. Trust me.

One week before the surgery I was trying to figure out which shower chair was the best option for us to buy when I had a breakdown: “I’m 30 years old and I’m looking for shower chairs for my husband. This is not supposed to be happening! It’s just wrong”. I gave myself a day and the next morning went back to the hunting. This was not my most difficult moment, neither my last breakdown.

But we came through it all.

Thanks to Mauricio, the doctors, myself, amazing friends and family.

For more inspiration on this matter of perspective and strength, here’s Sheryl Sandberg speaking about the loss of her husband at Berkeley’s 2016 Commencement Keynote Speech.


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